You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.

The Sage 2022

The Sage is an award-winning literary journal of creative expression. It will be available for free Fall 2022 in Alpine, Texas.

Literary Editors:

Robin Alvarez

Kiahna Garcia

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When Oceans Rise

WHEN OCEANS RISE is a Filipino Little Mermaid coming out May 2023. Malaya barters with a seawitch; her voice for a new life—one in which she was never with her abusive boyfriend. But when Malaya timeshifts into her new existence, she discovers she shipped a happier version of herself off to her crummy, old life and that Filipino Mythological creatures now run rampant in both worlds. The Sea Witch used her voice to unleash the beasts. Malaya must fight to get her voice back if she wants to save both worlds. But as she gets further away from her ex and closer to Salvador and Gabrielle, her ability to save the world becomes impossible.

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Sadie, a young Banshee, can sense when someone will die. But when she and her mother unwittingly move to a town full of hunters, her family curse prevents her from knowing whether she can open her heart to the hunter’s son or if he will tear her family apart.


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The Sage 2021

The Sage is an award-winning literary journal. It is available for free in Alpine, Texas.

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The Bend Business

The Bend Business is a business magazine in the Coastal Bend.

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