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Banshee Mythology - This is not the real book cover!

As a banshee aging over the span of a thousand years, Sadie’s strict adherence to her mother’s rules for survival is the reason she’s mastered the art of escape. She is the furthest from reckless that a person can be. She is built from rules. That is, until she meets Nathan, a boy who makes her question whether surviving is really living at all.

Sadie likes to keep an emotional distance from humans. But her paranormal abilities to warn of impending death, inspire loved ones to say their goodbyes, and help grieving souls rests easier at night have no effect on Nathan, who is fated to lose someone he loves. At first, she has every intention of taking the easy way out, but she botches her own shortcut to ease his pain, forcing her to comfort him like a true banshee for the first time in her long life. Despite Nathan's rough exterior, Sadie falls hard. Then she discovers why Nathan is not affected by her abilities and what his family has done for centuries—hunt the supernatural. With their families at war for centuries, it becomes increasingly unclear whether Nathan's intense passion for her is love, or his instinct for the hunt.

When Oceans Rise

A Filipino folklore twist on "The Little Mermaid" - This cover is simply an aesthetic placeholder

By the time seventeen-year-old Malaya’s toxic boyfriend hits her, she can’t leave him. So disconnected from her family and friends, she turns to the sea to decide her fate. Its decision? Toss her to the Sea Witch.

Because Malaya has a death wish, the Sea Witch barters her voice for a new life—one in which Malaya was never with her abusive boyfriend. But when Malaya timeshifts into her new existence, she discovers she shipped a happier Malaya off to her crummy, old life and that Aswangs, Tikbalangs, and other assorted Filipino Mythological creatures now run rampant in both worlds. The Sea Witch used her voice to unleash the beasts. With the help of Salvador, the God’s champion who pulled Malaya out of the ocean, and her alternate timeline sister, Gabrielle, they fight the discovery of these mythological beasts before the next full moon when the Sea Witch will use the collective power of belief in mythical creatures to escape her underwater prison. Malaya can end it all if she truly wants to return to her old life. But as she gets further away from her ex and closer to Salvador and Gabrielle, her ability to save the world becomes impossible.


Soul Families Torn Apart - This cover is simply an aesthetic placeholder

Some people think dying is the end, but souls know better.

Souls choose to come to Earth. They choose all the good and all of the bad. They choose to grow by creating soul contracts.

But what happens when one of them breaks that contract? What happens to a soul family divided?

Solana grows up feeling isolated from the world, despite living in a wonderful community and having a loving family. She inherently knows something is missing: her people. But when people start dying to keep her from leaving her home town, Solana starts to wonder if she's just a girl stuck in a small town or a soul in exile.

The Sage 2022

Short Story - Abomination

Abomination is the short story beginnings of "Starseed."

Tala, a soul who has killed her twin flame in several human lifetimes, must now choose between killing Chesa again or saving herself from the wrath of Chesa's soul mate Altheo.

"Some lessons are harder to learn in one lifetime."

As Co-Literary Editor, the 2022 literary journal "The Sage" is fused with a mixture of speculative fiction, poetry, and art that covers social and political themes in an artistic space and represents the diversity Alpine, Texas.

The Sage 2021

Short Story - When Oceans Rise

A 17-year-old surfs during a hurricane, while inside another storm rages against her abusive, cheating boyfriend.

The Sage is an award-winning literary journal of creative expression.

The Bend Business

The Coastal Bend's Business Magazine

I write for the newest publication in The Coastal Bend: The Bend Business. This is issue number one. The newest issue is to be released soon!