Robin Alvarez

Author... with a coffee addiction and a dream
Robin Alvarez is the author of the #1 New Release When Oceans Rise. She is the editor and author of OwlCrate's upcoming anthologies The Darkset Chronicles. Monsters in Masquerade coming Fall 2024. Emotive characters, monsters, and a multiracial perspective are cornerstones of her work. While she's spent the majority of her life in beach towns, having almost drowned several times, she currently resides in a desert where the waters are less likely to kill her.
Robin's work has been featured on EpicReads, the New Orleans Review, OwlCrate, ABC, NBC, and CBS news affiliates.


Writing young adult fantasy and paranormal romance books has always been the dream. I tend to write characters from a mixed race perspective, even when those characters are paranormal.


Though I read widely, from kidlit to adult, fiction to nonfiction, I believe in the adage that you should heavily read in the genre you write. Because of this, I'm always found in the YA section of bookstore—you know, in case you misplaced me 🙂


I used to paint professionally, as in I would sell my artwork and take on commissioned work. However, as my wrists became more tender, I found I could not produce work at the rate I use to. It is simply a hobby now.


I have a graphic and web design business. I'm proficient in Photoshop and Canva. I'm also high skilled at most of the Adobe products. If you're looking for a website, I'm skilled at WordPress.


I love shooting engagement photos, senior pics, and family portraits! However, my favorite events every year are dances like Military Ball and Prom. I enjoy piecing together backdrops and props to match dance themes!


There is nothing like editing, whether as part of a critique group or as a literary editor of a creative magazine. Not only do I offer detailed insight, but I also grow as a writer with each experience.