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I have been fortunate to have been interviewed in a few places or had my books mentioned! I also like to participate in events and conferences which will be added to the list as my career goes.

Media Bio

Robin Alvarez is the author of the #1 New Release When Oceans Rise. She is the editor and author of OwlCrate’s anthology Monsters in Masquerade coming Fall 2024. Emotive characters, monsters, and a multiracial perspective are staples in her work. While she’s spent the majority of her life in beach towns, having almost drowned several times, she currently resides in a desert where the waters are less likely to kill her.

Robin’s work has been featured on EpicReads, the New Orleans Review, OwlCrate, ABC, NBC, and CBS news affiliates.

Media Kit includes:

  • About the Book
  • About the Author
  • Praise for When Oceans Rise
  • Reviews
  • Questions and Answers
  • Press Release
  • Photo Release
  • Sell Sheet
  • First Pages Boko Excerpt
  • Contact Inquiries

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  • KIII 3 News – ABC

    Young adult book set in Corpus Christi hit #1 on an Amazon list… and it hasn’t even been released yet

    You will read about some familiar locations in Robin Alvarez’s debut fairytale retelling, ‘When Oceans Rise,’ which has already hit a bestseller list on Amazon.
    She spent her teen years in Corpus Christi, and now– she’s well on her way…
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  • KRIS 6 News – NBC

    The 8th Annual Teen Bookfest by the Bay is Saturday, Feb.4 at the American Bank Center. from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

    The event is free to the public and it allows the community to meet 20 local and national young adult authors …

    For more click here!

  • SRSU’s Robin Alvarez set to publish two novels in 2023

    Del Rio—Robin Alvarez heard the thrilling news that one of her novels would be published in September 2023, and then discovered another novel she wrote was being fast tracked for publication in next May.

    Alvarez earned a master’s degree in English with a focus on creative writing …

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  • Waldron Street Journal: Buzzworthy Alumni: Robin Alvarez

    Robin Alvarez, known in high school as Robin Pletcher, graduated from Flour Bluff in 2005 and has since gone on to become a successful artist, photographer and author. She … recently landed two book deals, one for a stand-alone novel (soon-to-be series) and one for a trilogy, with Creative James Media.

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  • DFWCon: The Dallas-Fort Worth Writers Conference 2022

    We’re thrilled to announce our preliminary list of speakers for this year’s conference! Our lineup includes authors, agents, editors, publishers, and literary champions from writing communities near and far. We can’t wait to learn from them all!

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  • Del Rio & Eagle Pass News Leader
    … Meanwhile, Robin had already successfully pitched “Paramour,” her first novel accepted for publication (but the second one she authored)
    and the first book in her series Of Ballads and Banshees for young adults. It comes out in Sep. 2023 and is currently ranked #3 for 2023 Debuts on

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  • The Sul Ross Skyline

    When Oceans Rise by Robin Alvarez, a 2023 debut author and one of Sul Ross State University’s own staff members, takes readers on a journey through alternate universes, addresses stigmatized topics and gives a glimpse of a culture that’s not typically seen in mainstream media.

    When Oceans Rise tells the story of Malaya, a seventeen-year-old girl who makes a deal with a malicious sea…

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