How becoming a top 10% effects creator for TikTok has driven book sales

As one of the most popular social media platforms, TikTok is known for its viral dance challenges, comedy skits, lip-sync videos, and filters. Thanks to the TikTok CEO, booktok is thriving more than ever!

A month ago, I create a filter for booktok called: Fix Me Book. The filter’s opening image asks: Which book might fix my whole life right now? It’s silly, fun, and made for a bunch of the 2023 debut authors from groups I’m a part of like the 2023 Debuts, Class of 2k23, and the 2023 Debut Stars. I also threw in a few other authors who are not 2023 debuts because I really like them 🙂

To be honest, the Fix Me Book filter did well but not better than my first filter: When Oceans Rise Book (a filter where people could wear my book cover.) BUT THEN, a video went viral. Honestly, it only takes one, and this one is currently sitting at 65k views and growing.

Suddenly, the filter’s usage went from roughly 200 videos made to nearly 1000 videos.

How has this helped me? Because the person whose video went viral tagged me and my booktok account has grown! Any awareness of my account is going to create awareness of When Oceans Rise.

The last time my When Oceans Rise Book filter took off there was a direct correlation to me ending up being a #1 new release which then landed me on the news across Texas! I’m not sure what is already happened in the background because of the Fix Me Book success, but I’m positive something good will come from this filter, and I can’t wait to see how it affected sales!

One of the things requested by my TikTok followers is that I make a list with all these books! People wanted to add them to their TBR without having to play the game over and over again. I get that! So without further ado and in no particular order:

Which Book Might Fix My Whole Life Right Now?

If I Have to be Haunted by Miranda Sun:

There’s No Way I’d Die First by Lisa Springer

Text Appeal by Amber Roberts

That Wasn’t in the Script by Sarah Ainslee

Sinner’s Isle by Angela Montoya

Monstersona by Chloe Spencer

The Revels by Stacey Thomas

Girl, Goddess, Queen by Bea Fitzgerald

Drizzle, Dreams, and Lovestruck Things by Maya Prasad

The Deep Sky by Yume Kitasei

Home by Cailean Steed

When Oceans Rise by Robin Alvarez

One Tough Cookie by Delise Torres

Trials of the Innermost by Jonathan Fuller and Kristina Kelly

The Marble Queen by Anna Kopp and Gabrielle Kari

The Moonlight Blade by Tessa Barbosa

Dark Room Etiquette by Robin Roe

Shanghai Immortal by A.Y. Chao

Mind Walker by Kate Dylan

The Wicked Unseen by Gigi Griffis

A Prayer for Vengeance by Leanne Schwartz

Shad Hadid and the Alchemists of Alexandria by George Jreije

The Love Match by Priyanka Taslim

Sincerely Sicily by Tamika Burgess

Seven Faceless Saints by M.K. Lobb

1.       The Alchemy of Letting Go by Amber Morrell

Promposal by RaeChell Garrett

Where you see Yourself by Claire Forrest

We the Future by Cliff Lewis

1.       Ever Since by Alena Bruzas

Pedro & Daniel by Federico Erebia

Something More by Jackie Khalilieh

Love & Resistance by Kara H.L. Chen

Sing Me To Sleep by Gabi Burton

102 Days of Lying About Lauren

Give Me a Sign by Anna Sortino

Under this Forgetful Sky by Lauren Yero

Field of Screams by Wendy Parris

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