Paramour Book Deal

Omg, omg. I did it! I got a book deal! I will be traditionally published!

My First Book Deal

I’m very excited to share the news that I’ve been offered a three-book deal with Creative James Media, a small press based in Pasadena, Maryland. It’s no secret that I’ve been working on finding Paramour a home, and I am so thrilled to be a part of this ambitious team!

If you’re wondering what a three-book deal is, it means that I was offered a contract to create a trilogy with Creative James Media. While the first book is entitled “Paramour, I’m not sure yet what the other books will be called. I do know that I’d like the titles to have “para” in them like “Paradigm” or “Parallel.” I’m also not certain yet if I will add a series title, but I think something that helps people know right away that this is about Banshees would be good 🙂

I’m thrilled about this opportunity to expand upon a universe that I’ve loved for some time now.

Irish Banshee Mythology.

Paramour is a story about Irish banshee mythology. The Banshee is an ancient Gaelic term for a fairy woman, and in particular, it refers to a spirit whose wail was said to foretell death. The Banshee is also known as Badhbhchonn or Bean-Sidhe (a derogatory term which translates to “fairy woman”). According to legend, the banshee wails when someone dies—not only humans but animals too—and it’s said that nobody can escape death after being heard by this paranormal creature. It’s considered one of the most frightening paranormal beings of all time because it signals impending doom with its cries; however beautiful they may be at first glance!

Publication Date

The first novel, set to be released in September 2023, will follow the story of a teenage Banshee, Sadie, who falls in love with the son of paranormal hunters trying to kill her. Preorders will begin June 2023. I have spoken with a bookstore in Alpine, Tx to do a book signing as well as the local library in Del Rio, Tx to do some kind of event. As we nail down the details, I will add the events to my event page.

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Preorders start June 2023.

Check out the Press Release here: Book Deal Announcement

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