Sadie, a young Banshee, can sense when someone will die. But when she and her mother unwittingly move to a town full of hunters, her family curse prevents her from knowing whether she can open her heart to the hunter’s son or if he will tear her family apart.



As a banshee aging over the span of a thousand years, Sadie’s strict adherence to her mother’s rules for survival is the reason she’s mastered the art of escape. She is the furthest from reckless that a person can be. She is built from rules. That is, until she meets Nathan, a boy who makes her question whether surviving is really living at all.

Sadie likes to keep an emotional distance from humans. But her paranormal abilities to warn of impending death, inspire loved ones to say their goodbyes, and help grieving souls rests easier at night have no effect on Nathan, who is fated to lose someone he loves. At first, she has every intention of taking the easy way out, but she botches her own shortcut to ease his pain, forcing her to comfort him like a true banshee for the first time in her long life. Despite Nathan’s rough exterior, Sadie falls hard. Then she discovers why Nathan is not affected by her abilities and what his family has done for centuries—hunt the supernatural. With their families at war for centuries, it becomes increasingly unclear whether Nathan’s intense passion for her is love, or his instinct for the hunt.


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Young Adult

A thrilling coming-of-age story about a teenage Banshee experiencing her first love—too bad that love is forbidden.

Irish Mythology

Banshees, supernatural beings in Irish and other Celtic folklore, are known for their mournful “keening,” or wailing screaming, under the veil of night. This keen foretells the death of a member of the household their keen to.

Forbidden Love

An ill-fated romance occurs between Banshee Sadie and the supernatural hunter’s son, thrusting the two in the middle of a centuries-old war between their families.