Speaking at the DFW Writers Conference

I’m so happy to report that I did not trip or die during my Booktok class at the DFWCon! In fact, the event went great and made me want to do other events!

My class was so full I ran out of packets and had to email some people the presentation. After the presentation, I had people coming up to me, and I kept thinking it was the next person presenting, so I kept apologizing, “I’m sorry. I’ll get out of here soon!” Turns out it was people from the class who had questions! Now that I know that’s a thing, I’ll be better prepared next time lol.

I had followers at the conference! This was such a big deal to me, and I was so excited to get to meet them and create tiktoks with some of them.

Dana Swift and I made a tiktok together, which was so fun! She helped organize the event with Katie, and I’m so grateful they chose my class. All the classes that I got to attend were stellar, so they did such a great job! I can’t imagine how hard they worked, but they made it look easy.

But I think my favorite part of the DFW Writers Conference was when New York Times Bestselling author Heather Graham came to my class, sat in the front row, tagged me in a tiktok, and said I’m leagues ahead of where she was when she first started. I died! She is so sweet, and I admire how down-to-Earth and accessible she was! I aspire to be a Heather!

After the conference, I went to Monkey and Dog Books where the wonderful owners displayed my book graphics! I even made a whole music video on tiktok about it!

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