Paramour Beta Readers Needed!

Paramour is about to be in the beta reading stage! What does that mean? It means I need readers to give me feedback from the reader’s perspective.

I’ve made a form for people to sign up. I’m only accepting a few people since this is different from arc reading, but here are the incentives.

If you are chosen and complete the job on time, I will send you a free, signed final copy of the book! If you are not chosen, you are a signed up to receive an arc!

Either way, you’ll read this book before it is published.

What’s the difference? Beta readers have the power to cause change in a story where as arc readers have the power to determine the success of a book.

I highly value both roles and if you’re interested, here’s my book’s highlights:

  • Twilight but pink
  • Comps to Romeo and Juliet for the warring families
  • Banshee mythology
  • YA paranormal romance

Sign up here!

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