OwlCrate Anthology

I have a big book announcement! I am now an editor and author for OwlCrate’s upcoming anthologies!

It is no secret that I’m a big fan of OwlCrate 🖤 It is such an amazing company, and they’ve supported me so much! Everything they do is so unique and thoughtful, and these anthologies will be no different.

The best part of these anthologies is that while we are inviting special authors to contribute, the anthologies will also have an open to the public submissions period! That’s right, even authors who have not been published yet might have the chance to be put next to bestselling authors. If that’s you, listen closely for the requirements:

Theme: Monsters in Masquerade

Genre: Horror / Fantasy with a strong romantic element

Word Count: 6k – 8k words

Age: Upper YA to Adult

If you love this, you may be asking ‘Where is the submission page?” It’s not open yet, and the date it’s open has yet to be announced. You might want to follow my Tiktok page (@robiiehood) because that’s the place I announce things first! You should join OwlCrate’s app, The Nest (Search OwlCrate in your app store). The will announce the open submission period as well, but you are more likely to see it if you join their app. Also, their community is amazing!

Good luck, and I hope to see your submission!

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