Cover Reveal to be Delivered by: OwlCrate!

Something amazing happened over the weekend ✨ I made a TikTok that turned into an amazing opportunity to have my cover reveal to be delivered in January by OWLCRATE!!! I’m still in shock. OwlCrate is my favorite book subscription box!!!

Check out their new bookish app: The Nest which is like FB and IG but specifically for book people!

Cover Reveal for When Oceans Rise is coming Jan 23rd 2023 through¬†OwlCrate! In addition to that, we’ll be doing a live author chat in which you’ll get to see me be a little weird and a lot smiley in person!

But how did I do it?

The short answer is that I shot my shot!

The long answer has to do with lost and drive. As a lot of my followers know, I lost a dear friend of my to cancer this summer. When she got sick, it really lit a fire under me to get published and is the reason I got my first book deal! My friend was actually visiting me the week I got the email to e-meet with my now-publisher!

From the moment my friend got sick and beyond, I was determined to be as impulsive as possible. I would be a yes-man! I sent my books out, joined tiktok and LOVED IT, applied for conferences, asked if I could be part of some big author groups, and more.

Did I get a lot? ABSOLUETLY! My life this year is so different from last year and I’m beyond blown away. Did I get everything I asked for? NO! But the rejection didn’t hurt like I thought it would because I was no longer rejecting myself before other people could.

The OwlCrate ask:

When I made the tiktok where I shot my shot, I was really just trying to make content about their new app. The Nest is a bookish app that hasn’t released to the public yet and I’d gotten an invite to the soft launch of their app. I was curious if any of my tiktok friends were on there and if they liked it. I also said something to Owlcrate like “Can I get featured as an author? [long pause] I’m dreaming too big!”

Turns out Owlcrate didn’t think so! They responded and we emailed and I fell in love with them for the second time! Very charmingly, that emailed ended with, “See you didn’t dream too big :)”


Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want, because some amazing souls might just say yes! If you don’t, you’ll 100% miss out on opportunities and the chance to meet some wonderful people.

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