When Oceans Rise Audiobook Available Now!

The audiobook for WHEN OCEANS RISE is officially available for purchase! In the image above, it shows five retailers currently carrying the book.

But Robin, I thought you wanted to go wide with distributing your audiobook?

I do, invisible interviewer! But some retailers take longer than others to pick up the audiobook, so I’m playing the waiting game. The panicked voice in my head tells me I did something wrong, but as far as I can tell it just takes some retailers long than others!

Maybe I’ll panic in January? lol!

If you love audiobooks, ya fantasy, mixed race representation, and Filipino folklore, grab the When Oceans Rise audiobook today!

Barnes and Noble:

  • Get it free with a subscription
  • Or buy the audiobook


  • Buy the audiobook


  • I can’t tell if this is subscription based or an audiobook purchase… the site is not in English


  • Buy the audiobook


  • Buy the audiobook

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